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Long term loans

Long term loans is an important direct lender in Canada arrange no credit check installment loans and 12 month loans at low interest charges.

Installment loans Canada

Loans Machine is a not a lender that arrange installment loans Canada and cash advances in easy refunds to many people all over Canada.

Faxless Payday Loans

Faxless payday loans Canada lenders who can arrange you fast cash even without bad credit history. Apply now to get installment loans.

Bad credit loans

Apply for a bad credit loans Canada of up to CA$1500 with your cash offered today. Responsible lenders only, Repayment with installments.


What is Loans Machine?

24-hour loans are short-term loans that are given to eligible applicants against their next paycheck so that they can easily meet their unavoidable financial commitments.

What ate differences between Loans Machine and a regular bank loan?

24-hour loans are small loans given to borrowers against their next paycheck in unsecured form.

Can I still apply for Loans Machine if I am a bad credit borrower?

Yes, you can if you meet the terms and conditions of the loan and convince the lender with your timely repayment capabilities.  

Is my personal information safe if I use your network for loan application?

Reputable credit lenders associated with us verify your personal information through secure websites and by using encrypted technology and the process and all online transactions on our website is absolutely safe.  All your information remains safe at our website.

What is your role in credit lending decisions?

Always keep in mind that we, at Loans Machine, act as a mediator and help our clients to access money from our credit lenders without the hassle and wasted time. We have simplified the process of finding a lender to get the money you need during sudden financial emergencies. We have no role in credit lending decisions.

What are the minimum and maximum amounts that I can get from your credit lenders?

By applying with us, you get small and unsecured funds starting from CA$100-CA$1000 without any problem. The credit lender determines the loan amount based on your present financial condition and repayment potential. Always borrow such loans responsibly because repaying such funds in full in a short time period is a big fiscal liability.

Do you charge for your referral service?

Our loan matching services are absolutely free of cost and we don’t ask for any fee for using our website.

Please contact us if you have more questions related to our loan products and services.

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Loans Machine

We give you the loans directly. Online via a highly secured website emergency and unexpected expenses.

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Anywhere, Anytime

We've built LoansMachine to work at anytime and on any device. So no matter what your circumstance, we're available to help.

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We're your bank-free

Without upfront fee, worry-free way to get money - then get back to enjoying life. Access up to CAD$1000 today.

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