Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We completely recognize the importance of protecting your privacy and that is why; we have our privacy policy that let you understand how we collect, use and protect the personal information you provide us while applying with us:

When you visit our website and apply with us, we collect two types of information: personal information (upon your approval) and Non-personal information (voluntarily).  Personal information such as your Name, sex, employment details, your identity and residence proof, social security No, complete address, Email Id, phone number, bank account details, and Non-personal information such as the browser you use to visit our website, your computer’s IP address, etc are used by us to help you get our loan products and services, introduce your our new products and services, track your communication with us, contact you to discuss the loan and recover the unpaid debt.

Always keep in mind that we never sell your data with any unauthorized third party for our gain. We conduct a security check on our website from time to time to trace online hackers and foil their attempts to steal your data stored in our server. We advise people below 18 not to use our website as this website is not for the use of children. We also state that our privacy policy keeps changing from time to time and you have to read our privacy policy before using it for loan acquisition and application.

Responsible Lending:

At, we respect and appreciate our customers at all times and reveal our best practices surrounding the services we arrange. We toil hard to make sure that our customers are aware of the terms and conditions surrounding their loans and are committed to paying off the borrowed money on time. Currently, we help our borrowers to get small funds ranging from C$100-C$1000 under our loan services namely – Guaranteed Payday Loans No Matter What Canada.

We Encourage Borrowing of Short-Term Payday Loans Responsibly:

Our cash services have been designed to help needy Canadians to arrange immediate funds so that they can easily deal with temporary cash flow problems. Our loan products are not for long-term financial needs.  We appreciate responsible borrowing at all times and convince our borrowers to be serious about timely loan repayment.  That is why; our acceptance policy is strict and doesn’t allow customers to apply for more than 2 loans. We constantly advise our clients to borrow according to their repayment potential because mishandling of such finances may land in you the trap of unmanageable debt.

A Panel of Flexible Credit Lenders:

We disclose our fees and the total cost of borrowing funds to all our clients and make them aware of the total cost of the loan. We allow them to contact a panel of experienced, authorized, and trusted credit lenders and choose a loan amount based on their profile and monthly net income. This helps them to choose the best loan package according to their financial needs, income, and repayment condition.

Respectful Customer Service:

We offer customer support 24*7 by phone and email and our well-trained and knowledgeable customer care executives will respond to your questions, problems, and concerns as speedily as possible and with a high level of happiness because we value our customers greatly.

Loan Renewal/extension Policy

Our credit lenders offer you the facility of Loan Renewal/extension in case you are unable to pay back the loan on the scheduled date. The credit lender asks for some extra fees for providing you this facility. So, seek loan extension carefully as it increases your cost. 

Implications of Non-Payment: The credit lender makes several attempts to collect the unpaid debt and contact you via phone or email to inform you of the loan’s criminal status. Lenders will automatically reschedule your account for payment of loan when you get your next paycheck. If he/she doesn’t get loan repayment on the second or third attempt, your debt will be sent to our Collections Department and you will be reported to the credit reporting agencies and legal actions may be taken against you to get back payment. This may ruin your credit score badly and you will face problems getting approval for your loan applications in the future.