Safety plays a very important role when it comes to using a debit card. It is always easy to use a debit card for shopping and on ATM machine for withdrawing money. But it has been observed thieves are also keeping an eye on your debit cards to empty your bank account completely. Therefore, you must always make sure to know the best ways to use your debit card safely and correctly.

Following Are The Smart Ways To Protect Your Debit Cards-

Never Share Your Pin Number with Anyone

The PIN is meant to be secret. Always memorize your PIN and never write it anywhere. Also, do not let anyone enter the PIN for you. Banks or any other company will never ask for your PIN over a telephonic conversation, so you must always keep in mind not to give your PIN over the telephone.

Keep a Check on Your Email

Email is probably the most common way to identify theft and electronic theft. It is suggested that you should never provide PIN number, credit card details or any other personal information in response to any unsolicited email or online apply.

Keep Changing Your PIN

You need to know to keep changing your PIN number to protect yourself from any theft. Also, you must not choose an easy PIN. Your PIN has to be secured with good digits that cannot be judged easily by others.

Be Smart And Active When You Are Online

World Wide Web is a vast place with lots of happening here and there. It’s easy to do things online but at the same time, it is not safe either. So you need to be very careful when shopping easy online. Carefully check web address starts with https and should always look for secure symbols like Lock logo in the lower right-hand corner of your browser window. Log off carefully after you purchase and if you can’t able to log it off then close the window browser immediately to protect your personal information.

Report Immediately If Your Card is Stolen or Misplaced

Do not wait if your debit card is stolen or misplaced. Report it to your financial institutions or bank right away. In this way, you can reduce the chance of getting your card misused.

Keep A Check on Your Financial e-Transactions

To use your debit card carefully and properly it is advised that you must keep a check on your financial e-transactions on regular basis. You must review your account statements from banks or financial institutions in a proper way. Sign up for net banking, SMS alert and statements on email for better working and safe working experience. Report any problems, queries, suggestions by secure online access for better services.

Additional useful tips while using the debit card at an ATM You must block the view of others when typing a PIN at an ATM and don’t forget to take your card after your ATM transaction is complete. Also, leave ATM only after your transaction is complete and don’t forget to take a receipt of your transaction.